AQUA PEARL is characterized by its water-based formula. The application of this type of sealer is easier due to the fluidity of the product. No odour is released during its application and it contains very low VOC levels, which makes it a very green product. This water-based sealer provides good performance 30 days after its application, the time required for complete curing. It is recommended to apply 2 or 3 coats.

1L covers approximately 250 ft2 (varies depending on tile porosity).

Recommended for slate, natural marble, limestone, sandstone, and quarry tile. Apply 2-3 coats. The number of coats depends on the porosity of the stone. Not recommended for porcelain, or ceramic with a low absorption rate. It is recommended to test a sample before starting the job. Colour enhancement and sheen vary depending on the colour and porosity of the tile or stone.